Some examples of the emails I designed for Rogen & Franco's A screen designed for Rogen & Franco's events A photo of a common area advertising Rogen & Franco's A photo of me, smiling, holding a cocktail

Rogen & Franco's

Campaign Monitor

Digital designer

Rogen & Franco’s was an initiative created out of a need for our growing international team to get to know each other and celebrate our wins as a company. Founded by Bradley Rodgers (Rogen) and myself (Franco), in conjunction with Employee Success, we created a pop-up cocktail bar for staff and guests.

Every month, the two of us would make a selection of classic cocktails, don our aprons and become (casual) mixologists at the service of the company to foster a casual environment for staff to generally get to know each other. We immediately noticed the impact of spending time with the team in a relaxed situation. Over the course of a year, Rogen & Franco’s events were hotly anticipated by our colleagues and the management team alike, fulfilling the primary goal as well as an obvious secondary goal – fun!

Bradley and I spent time legitimizing the events – branding Rogen & Franco’s, communicating through our own email platform, obtaining budgets, and organizing equipment or misé en place.

“Last call” for R&F was my final day at Campaign Monitor in 2016.