Hey, I’m Tim. Currently, Lead Designer working on Atlassian's design system.

Before that, I was a Senior Designer on Bitbucket. Previously, I was Lead Digital Designer & bartender at Campaign Monitor and a Product Designer at Crew.

Selected work

Icons from the completed work

Iconography, Design System


I led an initiative to create an iconography set that is flexibile, scalable, and foundational to the Atlassian Design System. This covered all aspects of our system – design, code and implementation, and guidelines on usage across Atlassian.

Atlassian Design System, Server


I drove the implementation of a design and development effort to bring the Atlassian Design System to the Server products, while simultaneously working on Bitbucket.

Bitbucket, Server


During my time on Bitbucket, I designed scalable and performant product experiences for large teams centered around our Git-based code and collaboration tool.

Past work

Campaign Monitor


As Lead Digital Designer at Campaign Monitor, I was involved in all marketing design, development and art-direction of our public facing website.



I collaborated with a cross-functional, co-located team on a range of projects focussed on growth, product onboarding, and Crew’s well-known “side projects”.



When Campaign Monitor launched a new way to build emails, I worked with the product team to allow users to easily add, edit, and customize their content for email campaigns without code.

Rogen & Franco's


I “co-founded” a pop-up cocktail bar for our global staff and guests, in conjunction with Employee Success, out of a need to socialize with other team members, utilize our new office space and celebrate together as a company. Cheers!