Campaign Monitor

Art direction, design, and development of our iPad app microsite

My primary focus at Campaign Monitor was evolving the brand and business through our main communications channels which reach millions of viewers every year and resources hundreds of thousands of our customers all over the globe.

As lead designer, working with Product and different Marketing teams, I designed the majority of product launches, including the complete redesign of our ‘feature’ tour, the launch of transactional email and automation feature capabilities.

Alongside these launches, I helped drive conversions through our key channels – homepage, pricing and the signup flow. Using A/B testing and quantitative analytics, I designed (and redesigned) our homepage, introduced new pricing structures and localization, as well as tackling the site-wide navigation UX and the signup journeys from Marketing into the product itself.

Lead Digital Designer

Zoomed in details of Canvas' designs
Canvas editor in use, creating an email, to format text

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