About me

A photo of me, smiling, holding my camera on a recent trip to Seoul

I’m Tim, a Lead Designer working on Atlassian's collaboration platform. For the past 18 months or so, I was working on the Atlassian Design System. I've also worked on Bitbucket to help professional teams do Git, and the Server teams to implement our Atlassian Design System for Server and Enterprise products.

Harnessing understanding and execution, I’ve been able to collaborate with Product and Business teams in Sydney, Montreal, and San Francisco while being both co-located and remote.

I enjoy working through problems, in my team or independently, and I like to get involved wherever possible – chatting with customers, crafting visuals or aligning the team. I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredibly smart people who I credit with helping to shape me into the designer I am today. I love working with people that know more than I do – there’s always something new to learn.

My dreams of making the NBA died a long time ago, so I watch it daily instead. I also enjoy traveling, taking photos (usually of my travels), and wish I could make more time to draw.



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