Tim Swan

Canvas' inline editor


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Campaign Monitor's email builder, formerly known as Canvas, was a revolutionary product that made it simple for users to design and create emails; no code required. I worked with the product team to design the inline editor that allowed users to add, edit and customize their content for their email campaigns.

We wanted to offer a true “what you see is what you get” formatting tool, along with rich customisations that would allow users to make their content personal. To get this right, we went through numerous iterations of sketches, prototypes, and designs to nail the right experience for the builder environment, taking cues from existing editors and native applications.

The final version of the editor displays the style to be applied, giving the user a visual cue to formatting their content, as well as multiple levels of customisation controls.

You can read more about the process behind the entire project on the Campaign Monitor blog or watch the video below to see it in action.

Sketches for the WYSIWYG editor – what it could look like and how it might work.
An iteration of the editor, where text formatting and customizations were separate.
Although plenty of work was done on the individual editor component, it was important to design in context and consider how it would work with content.
We really wanted to sweat the details, and we had a number of high fidelity designs for the editor in various states.