Tim Swan



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Crew is a two-sided marketplace and project management system connecting creative professionals with businesses looking for work of all types – ranging from design disciplines to app development.

Product iterations

At Crew, I helped iterate on various customer journeys – onboarding for a client to get work to creatives faster, to envisioning an entirely new workflow for creatives looking to find work in Crew.

Visual design and hierarchy

I worked on the ongoing design and development efforts for Crew’s website – targeting inbound leads and potential customers. Updating Crew’s visual design and unifying their look and feel for a cohesive experience across different channels was a large part of this work. Another part focussed on our information architecture and hierarchy – surfacing key content on the blog and engaging more email subscribers.


Crew’s marketing strategy is built around “side projects” – creating value to get people’s attention. With this in mind, I worked on Moodboard while taking Crew’s ideas for effective side projects into consideration. This involved more of a unique look and feel, emphasis on sharing, collaborating and commenting too.

You can read about Crew’s side projects and their strategies on the Crew blog.

(above) New Crew profiles for creatives to prioritise their best work.
(left) Envisioning a new way for customers to review and hire talent on Crew, making sure visuals are always associated with people.
(above) The new look and feel for Crew's website and related channgels, such as the blog, stories and marketing pages.
(below) New iconography to match Crew's vibe and a share modal in Moodboard.
Exploring comments for Moodboard to encourage users to share, collaborate and create.