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Onboarding to Crew

Armed with feedback from our Support team, we knew that there was a struggle matching the right businesses together so they could bring their project to life. The balancing act for Crew was to get as much information as quickly as possible – ideas vs. reality, time vs. money, freedom vs. constraints, for a more effective match.

Looking at both the business and the creative’s workflow when beginning a project, which could range from launch strategy to mobile app UX, helped give us an understanding of where we could improve from start to finish. We wanted creatives to be confident they could offer their expertise and add value to a project by receiving plenty of information upfront, while businesses could be sure they’re getting bang for their buck with the right person(s) for the job and the experience necessary to complete the work.

Some of the designs we explored were high impact but, unfortunately, high effort for a small team such as ours. These explorations were the beginnings of a “north star” for the product, entertaining visions of better machine learning and automation. Amongst this vision, however, there were improvements that were valuable and lower effort which we could implement straight away, such as form UX and surfacing the right information upfront.

Our marketing experience

When I joined, along with working on the product, I helped the team on marketing and creative. Together with our Head of Product and Founder, we worked on improving the messaging, visual design, and front-end code of our website to keep up with the ever-growing community using Crew and to continue establishing the name and brand in the landscape of creative marketplaces.

We wanted to establish trust and security as a human-centric platform so that everyone involved could be confident that Crew was the right place for their project to happen. Demonstrating how Crew worked, clarifying payment models, and helping to understand legal contracts was the priority for Crew’s website.

We updated the homepage and gave more insight into who Crew was and what we believed. We also unified our visual style across important sections of the website which had previously felt disconnected, such as our testimonials, to create a cohesive marketing experience.




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