Tim Swan

Work —

Campaign Monitor's website

2012 — 2016

One of my major focuses at Campaign Monitor was evolving the brand and business through the website which reaches millions of viewers every year and resources hundreds of thousands of our customers all over the globe. I was involved in designing, developing and art-directing almost every section of the site – starting at the homepage all the way through the highest trafficked pages to sign up.

I constantly tried to improve the homepage. Working with our Creative Director and CMO I helped determine strategy, redesigned and tested multiple iterations of our homepage including the current version which was the result of continual A/B tests.

I was involved with a majority of feature announcements and product launches including the complete redesign of the entire feature tour, the launch of transactional email and automation capabilities.

Working with business operations and our marketing team, I helped design and develop the website's new pricing pages based on updated pricing structures. As our business has grown, I implemented designs with the help from our developer for local currency support in 6 locations.