Tim Swan

👋🏼 Hi there

I’m Tim, a designer with Atlassian living in sunny Sydney. I’m currently working with Bitbucket, helping professional teams do Git, and the Server Design team to implement our Atlassian Design Guidelines for Server and Enterprise products.

I’m passionate about designing thoughtful experiences and systems by understanding the problem, exploring solutions and beautifully executed visuals. I’ve been able to contribute and collaborate with Product and Marketing teams around the world at Campaign Monitor, Crew and Hillsong.

I enjoy working through problems, whether with my teams or independently, and I like to get involved wherever possible – chatting with customers, crafting visuals or aligning the team.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some insanely smart people who I credit with helping to shape me into the designer I am today. I love working with people that know more than I do to learn about any aspect of design – from scalable design systems to the impact of design on the business.

When I’m not thinking about design, chances are there is an NBA game not too far from sight or I’m plotting a new travel destination with my wife.

Get in touch – hello [at] thisisswan [dot] com.