Tim Swan

A little bio —

I’m Tim, a designer with Atlassian living in Sydney, Australia. I work with on Bitbucket to help professional teams do Git.

I’ve had the privilege of working with (and for) some insanely smart and talented people who have shaped me into the designer I am today. I love working with people that know more than I do and jump at the opportunity to grow and be challenged. I want to learn as much as I can about every aspect of design and the breadth of it’s impact across a business, from scalable systems and typography to increasing revenue and improving customer experiences.

When I’m not thinking about design I’m often thinking about my next meal, watching an NBA game or planning travel with my wife which I document at The Swan Life. I also wear a hat, often indoors – do with it what you will.



I worked with a 12-person team which included product, marketing and development on various projects across the website and our platform focussed on customer growth and onboarding.

Campaign Monitor

2012 — 2016

I had the opportunity to work with various departments and teams across the company in two locations, Sydney and San Francisco, and outwork my passion for design solutions. I enjoyed being involved in the entire process and wore multiple hats to get the job done – from initial research through to design and front-end code.

Hillsong Church

2010 — 2012

I was responsible for the digital presence of church campuses and departments across the globe. Along with design, communication and social on a worldwide scale, I designed and developed scalable websites and platforms for a chart-topping band, community services and some of the largest annual conferences in Australia.